We were shown straight to a table and asked if we had brought our own wine for the evening (side note, you need to bring your own booze) and if we needed it uncorking. That lead us to looking at Amalthea’s own drinks menu and their gigantic food menu. Between starters, appetizers and sharing platters there is an almost unfathomable amount of choice before you even hit the mains.


Honeyed Olives…

After long, intense discussions about food choices, we finally settled on a sharing platter of Greek cheeses and meats, as well as stuffed vine leaves with a gorgeous yoghurt dip.



Until this visit, honeyed olives were not something that we’d ever discovered before. Now, they’re a new and kind of confusing favourite thing — all the sweetness of the honey with just a hint of olivey goodness. A sharing platter is definitely a good way to go on a first visit, try a little bit of everything without overloading on a variety of intense flavours!



We quickly discovered favourite combinations of meats and cheeses, and before we left were sure to pick some up from the bistro. Which is another thing we love, pretty much anything you’ve tried is available to buy and take home. It’s a delightful option, but there is the possibility you will walk out with more food than you can reasonably carry after you’ve had your dinner!


The place to go if you’re starving!

By the time we got to mains, we were already kind of full, the food is so rich and deceptively filling! But, it was too good to turn away. We went for chicken and pork and extra sides of lemon potatoes.



The chicken lemonata was wonderful, with a mulitude of perfectly balanced flavours coming through in each bite. The sweetness of it was paired perfectly feta cheese, a must in any greek meal if you want our opinion. But, the pork shoulder stole the show. Tender, falling off the bone and melt in the mouth only half describes it, the other word you need is ‘huge’. The portions at Amalthea are more than generous, and we love it.



Little golden balls of heaven

After struggling to finish everything, dessert was reduced from being one each to having one to share with cups of herbal tea. Despite being pointed towards the special desserts that were on offer that evening, we had to go with Greek donuts.



These are served hot, and filled with either cream or nutella and then topped off with ice-cream and honey. If it sounds like heaven to you, then you agree with us wholeheartedly. An amazing evening in Amalthea passed all too quickly with more food than we could believe. We’ll be back soon.

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