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Revolution Call Lane

Revolution New Menu Launch


Recently, myself and four guests were invited to come and sample the newly anticipated food & drinks menu at Revolution Bar on Call Lane……. obviously we said YES!



After being seated we ordered an array of drinks which included Pornstar Martinis, Espresso Martinis, a Black Canvas, and a Stud Puffin. All of which were served to perfection with the right blend of fresh fruits and alcohol all mixed together.



However, it was the stud puffin which really stood out with a mix of vodka, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, passion fruit syrup, and lemonade. Really tickling those taste buds. Furthermore, by adding pictures of the drinks on the menu was a simple yet very effective way of subtly influencing our judgement of what to order and indeed worked in the bars favour, very clever touch!. So far a great start to the evening!



Once settled in with our drinks, we were then served our main courses which consisted of fish n chips, chicken Parmesan, Rob ticklin’ BBQ chicken (pizza), and The smoke king (beef patty). Now to be honest, the chicken Parmesan and fish n chips were both good, not great, but a definite 7/10. Personal preferences were that the flavours didn’t quite come through enough to mine of my guests liking, but we both agreed the dishes were OK..



 On the other hand…..the pizza and beefy patty were to DIE FOR!. With both having the right amount of smokiness and texture to it. The pizzas BBQ base was fresh and tangy,  it worked brilliantly to add a real flavour to the well cooked chicken.


Whereas, the juicy, tender beef patty had the perfect alignment and topped with all the melted cheese, was a no brainier in my opinion and the best option on the whole menu and something we’d all definitely go back for!


Written by Fahad Durrani

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