Easy to find

Firstly, situated on the corner of Henshaw Lane in Yeadon, it is very easy to get to and to spot. There’s plenty of parking too. At first glance, the exterior of the restaurant has a very continental feel with an al fresco eating area however it looks deceptively small. When you enter the restaurant, it has a wonderful spacious feel to it with plenty of tables for couples and groups.

A warm welcome

On entering Amalfi Ristorante, we were greeted with an attentive and warm reception. The staff were all approachable and on the ball throughout the evening. Even the way they dressed mirrored the approach – efficient but not stuffy, tidy but not too formal, uniform but relaxed.

Blending tradition with modernity

The restaurant has a superb ambience and it would be easy to feel as though we were in Italy; unplastered brick walls lightly painted in white, traditional looking wooden shutters on the windows, retro metal lampshades and well presented homely tables and chairs.

It was only early evening and the restaurant was well filled with natural light giving it a fresh feeling however it was easy to see how it could become cosy and romantic for the perfect candle lit dinner. We already felt great before we had even sipped the wine


Three course meal with a bottle of wine

Blushmore Zindanfel Rosé

We ordered a bottle of Blushmore Zinfandel Rosé. The waitress offered us the opportunity to taste it first which we did and it was delicious – that is despite the fact that I am more of a whisky drinker and my personal wine preference would be dry white.


Prawn cocktail for him. Sautéed mushrooms for her.

For starters, I tucked into a prawn cocktail (crispy baby gem lettuce, marie rose sauce and baby prawns, served with crusty bread) while my partner opted for the sautéed mushrooms (finished with garlic and parsley cream sauce alongside crusty bread).

We were thoroughly impressed with both starters and eagerly anticipating the main. The mushrooms looked great and had a beautiful flavour. They melted in the mouth. The prawn cocktail was uniquely presented in a traditional looking jar which added to the experience.


Main courses: pan roasted lamb rump / osso bucco slow braised veal shank

For the main course, the pan roasted lamb rump served alongside crispy gnocchi, sautéed mushrooms and spinach, finished with red wine and rosemary jus, was begging for my attention. I was asked how I wanted the lamb so I asked for rare. It was cooked to perfection and well presented. Each tender lamb chunk was light pink on the inside and full of flavour with every bite.

My partner chose the osso bucco, slow braised veal shank with roasted baby onions, chantenay carrots and a rich red wine sauce on top of creamy mash. What a delightful dish! The meat was falling off the bone and the meal delivered a fine blend of taste.



It is difficult to go wrong with dessert. My partner had a strawberry cheesecake, with custard cream and a side of strawberry flavoured ice cream. While I could not help myself and went for the triple ball gelato – double vanilla with chocolate.


We were both heartily filled by the end of the dessert and well satisfied with all three courses.


A family business

The overall feeling we got from Amalfi ristoranti was one of being in excellent hands. There was a family feel to the place. The staff were happy, helpful, really sharp and welcoming.


Before we left, we realised that we had been sat very close to the owner who was eating with his family. That said it all for us. The Amalfi staff were cooking for us and serving with the same love, passion and attention to detail as they would for their own family. We had a great time.



Amalfi Ristoranti does exactly what it says on its website – “If you love Italian food, we have a great selection for you here. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients and preparing all food in house, to give you that homemade feel.”
But it does a whole lot more than that. It makes you feel at home and serves you wonderful food with a smile. Well worth a second visit, I think.

By Tom, Restaurants of Leeds Share this story