I’m salivating whilst typing this, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

cocktail bar soba remix

Bar Soba is my go to date night location, it’s also where I go with my friends for a spicy chilli and coconut daiquiri, and where I escape to whenever I have a hankering for cheeseburger spring rolls.

Yes, cheeseburger spring rolls, and the best ones that you’ll find in Leeds. I will say that with confidence and even less shame than when I typed the word salivating just a few lines ago. But, before we get to that we’ve got a few things to moon over first.

The location

First up, the new location takes everything that was great about the old site and turns it up to eleven. This means more great artwork at every turn, splashes of colour across the walls and decor, and light fittings that will make every interior design lover swoon.

Spread across two floors the downstairs is devoted to those more-ish cocktails and beers that Greek Street patrons crave, whilst the upstairs quickly fills with the aromas of spice that I’m still drooling over. Once nestled into the sumptuous chairs of the upper floor my head was on a swivel, taking in each little touch of flair that has been incorporated into the design. Though I will miss the conservatory glass ceiling of the old venue, the whole building now sings in harmony, it just makes more sense.

The food

The starters

Where was I? Oh yes, drooling. I am pleased to report that the integrity of the menu has been kept, but at the same time bringing some brilliant new experiences to old regulars — like myself!

starters bar soba remix

To start we were treated with an array of all of Bar Soba’s very best small plates. Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Bang Bang Belly Ribs, Tiger Prawn Tempura and Korean Popcorn Chicken. Everyone came away in love with the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls (as well they should), but the ribs and popcorn chicken stole the show in their own way. The sharp tangy flavours of Korean barbecue lingered on the tongue, and the ribs removed lipstick and made us hungry for more.

The mains

For mains we were left to choose our own dish, for me, that would be the Teriyaki Beef Noodles. These were gorgeously soft noodles with a perfectly cooked and sliced steak delicately balanced on top. Though the sauce was mainly in the noodles the steak was still tender and flavourful, nothing was lost in this heady dish, each flavour sang in its own right.

teriyaki bar soba remix

Was I jealous of the dishes other people had chosen? You’re damn right I was. From the Buttermilk Katsu Burgers to the General Tso’s Chicken everyone’s plates inspired envy, but it was hard to look away from our own plates for long. You know food is truly great when the entire room falls silent, and the only noises are those almost imperceptible gasps of joy that come from a bite you never want to end.

general tso bar soba remix

When it was all over, I was counting down the days till it was next acceptable to visit Bar Soba again. How long am I going to wait? Well, it’s the launch party tonight, and I will be there. So I’m not sure if that’s acceptable, but it should tell you how much I love this place.

Go. Go. Go.


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