Chorizo Brunch Recipe

Learn how to spice up your boring omelette with our chorizo brunch recipe! No longer do you need to settle for some eggs and cheese! Below we have provided everything you need to know, including ingredients, method and even the nutritional information!


Shopping & Ingredients List:

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200g sliced Chorizo
8 large Eggs, whisked
4 Roast Peppers, drained & sliced
1 tsp Smoked Paprika
100g Manchego, diced
1 small bunch Spring Onions, sliced
1 tbsp Olive Oil



1. Heat olive oil in large frying pan & gently fry onion & chorizo for 6-8 mins.
2. Heat a grill.
3. Stir into frying pan sliced peppers & paprika. Cook for a further 2 mins. Pour eggs into the pan. Lower the heat & allow to set by cooking for 6-8 mins.
4. Sprinkle over the Manchego pieces & place the frying pan under the hot grill for 4 mins. Remove pan from grill & leave to stand for a couple of minutes before serving.

Sounds good doesn’t it! Give it a crack at home and let us know how you get on by tweeting us at @foodofleeds!

Macro info per serving

Protein 25.7g Carbs 8.2g Fat 30g Energy 406kcal
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