Pizza Fella

Pizza Fella is a loveable contradiction. It’s fantastic pizza, it’s also simple pizza. It has a simplistic, even rustic interior with modern decorations.  The most expensive feature is the oven, and it is money well spent. It gleams like a metallic cathedral in a world of chipboard, and it’s what makes Pizza Fella great.

pizza fella

This is a wonderful place to go with your friends, or with a date. The atmosphere is warm and cosy without being imposing, the service is friendly and yet not overbearing; it’s a fine line that’s almost as delicate as their dough.

Simpatico Pizza

This brand new opening in the Queen’s Arcade is bringing bright Roman flavours one of the most beautiful arcades in the city.

Simpatico pizza

You’ll find both classic Roman toppings, but you can also indulge in cult favourites like a mac and cheese pizza (yes, that’s a thing). The slices are on the smaller side, but this means that you have an excuse to try more than one or two varieties in a single visit.

Mod Pizza

Like Subway, but for pizza. The premise of Mod Pizza is fairly simple, they use great ingredients, and give you the choice of their classic fares, or design your own pizza. To cap it all off, every pizza (of the same size) is the same price, so you can have as few, or as many topics as you like without racking up a hefty, hefty bill.

mod pizza

Our suggestion? Take inspiration from their existing menu and then create your own pizza. This is a great way to keep even the fussiest eaters happy.

Ecco Pizzeria

Pizza by the half metre? Don’t mind if we do.

If you’re willing to go as far as Headingley for your pizza then you simply must visit Ecco. Their pizzas are inspired by cities across the world, the flavours help you believe you’re there, even if just for a little while, and it’s definitely cheaper than a plane ticket.

ecco pizzeria

As we mentioned before, you also have the option to order pizza by the half metre here. If that sentence doesn’t have you drooling then why have you read this far? It’s not ‘eating challenge’ in terms of its portion size, but it is more than generous when you look at it.

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