The Setting

This Merrion Street hideout is easy to walk past, it’s charming, quiet and kind of loveable. From the outside Parkside Tavern is the idyllic British pub, more at home atop a rolling hill than sat in the middle of the city centre. When you step through the doors this themes continues, with huge chalkboards and pool tables atop beautifully tiled floors.

With pool tables and beer pong knocking around, this is more than just a sit down location, it’s trying to be bright, fun, and just that little bit more than your average pub. The results of their efforts are hit and miss, but Parkside Tavern remains a place that you can easily choose when you’re just looking to chill out.

The Drinks

The menu here is simple, but this is true in pretty much any real pub. It’s not about the drinks at the end of the day, it’s about having somewhere to come with your friends to wile away hours shooting the breeze. The drinks aren’t the most adventurous offerings on the street by any means, but they’re honest about that. Parkside Tavern celebrates the beauty of simplicity, and reminds those of us who came to Leeds from small villages of our childhood homes.

But the difference between your childhood pub and Parkside is the quality of the back bar, there’s no bargain booze, only well known and well loved favourites. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a beer, a cocktail or a fine whisky, you’ll always find something to satisfy that craving.

The Food

As with the drinks on offer, the food here is simple and it’s always enough, with a host of pizzas and pub snacks just waiting for you to order them.

parkside tavern

The pizzas are doughy and crisp, with a varied enough menu that vegetarians and vegans don’t need to worry about going hungry. For the price, you could probably find better in other city centre venues, but this all feels very in keeping with that country pub vibe.


When you look at each part of Parkside Tavern individually, there are a few flaws, but they fade when you put everything together. It’s the atmosphere that makes this a good location to visit, so make sure you’re always with people who amuse you, they’re what will make a trip here special.

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