Luxury Diner

If you’re craving some luxurious junk food, then look no further, the Luxury Diner is here to serve you this wonderful oxymoron.

The Luxury Diner (2)

Here, you’ll find local sustainably sourced meat, or Leeds’ debut plant-based burger patty. Don’t be fooled by the words ‘plant-based’ this patty has been designed to emulate the juiciness, texture, and overall succulence of it’s animal based counterpart.

Alongside all of this comes loaded fries that can set your mouth watering from the moment you catch their aroma on the breeze. Go and find them soon, we’d hate for you to miss them.

Burger and Lobster Brothers

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious for lunch (and frankly, who isn’t??) then consider the Burger and Lobster Brothers. Utilising only the highest quality ingredients, the signature Loaded Lobster is a sure fire winner.

Burger and Lobster Brothers

But, you’ll really have to taste it to believe the richness of each flavour and texture that comes poking through.

Wanderer Junk Food

It seems like each new incarnation of the Trinity Kitchen is home to a new vegan junk food stall. This is great news of course, especially considering this new menu doesn’t just feel like a rehash of the last place.

                      Wanderer Junk FoodWanderer Junk Food (2)

Wanderer is offering dirty junk food which will leave you with a clear conscience, and we can’t wait to see how it has turned out. As devoted chicken wing enthusiasts, we’re a tad skeptical about the Cauffalo Wings, but we’re always willing to be proven wrong.

Jenny’s Jerk Chicken

Jenny’s Jerk Chicken is back in the Kitchen, and it’s safe to say we’re excited.

Jennys Jerk Chicken (2)

This Caribbean inspired favourite is renowned for its unique jerk seasoning, this particular vendor is best loved for their curried goat and BBQ chicken wraps. Hopefully, we’re not looking at Jenny’s through rose tinted specs, we’ll let you know next time we go!

Thai Khrim

Just in time for the heatwave, our favourite rolled ice cream vendor are back!!! it’s hard to express how happy we are about this, hopefully the many exclamation points will do!

Thai Khrim (2)

We’ve yet to see if they’re bringing any new additions to the menu, but the hand crafted creations are perfect in this weather. A personal favourite of ours is anything featuring strawberries and meringue, so that may have to be our first order!


So, where will you try first?

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